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Mouth Guard

Innovative Construction

First pressure-moulding material with two different degrees of hardness, single layer and double layer


Most Comfortable

This custom mouth guard has the perfect fit. During sport, the slight impression worked into the mouth guard stabilises the teeth in the lower jaw.

Can be combined

 your braces treatment isn't affected, as brackets can be blocked out.

Highly effective

 wearing a mouth guard significantly reduces the risk of injury to ;ips, teeth, jaws, and temporo-mandibular joint.

Impact absorbing

 the impact is absorbed elastically and distributed with less force over a time delay

Precision-fit Mouth Guard in a just a few steps


1, Consult with our dentist


2, impression in surgery by our dentist


3, producing the mouth guard

  It is custom-made with precision in our surgery. It covers the upper row of teeth and has a slight impression for the lower teeth.


4, fitting and examination


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