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Difference between Mini Implant and Conventional Implant


Conventional Implant

  1. More procedures: Need to Create socket in jawbone to put implant in.

  2. Takes between 6-9months.(3 visits)

  3. Conventional Implant diameter is bigger

  4. Bone thickness requires is thicker than mini-implant maybe need bone graft before put implant in

  5. Price $4000(crown + implant)


Mini Implant:

  1. Simpler procedure because the implant is inserted directly into jawbone instead of creating a socket.

  2. Takes only 2 weeks (2 visits).

  3. Mini Implant diameter is smaller

  4. Bone thickness requires is narrower than conventional implant

  5. For crown and mini implant $2200:   First time insert mini- implant 

                                                          Second time two weeks later put crown on mini-implant

  1. For bridge: $5000 (2mini implants +3 crowns).


Note: Both Implants can be used for denture retained and crown and bridge. Conventional Implant & Mini-Implant has its Pros & Cons. Which one is suitable for you? This depends on:

-your bite

-Which tooth

-Jaw bone thickness

-Medical history


It is best to see our dentist Dr Tee  for free consultation. (Dr Tee may need Ct Scan to decide which is best for you)


Implant Items for claiming from your health fund

684           Insert stage 1 of 2

691          Stage 2/2 surgery Endosseous

672          Full Crowns on Implant

678          Diagnostic Templates

679          Surgical Implant Guide

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